table cloth short cut

Hello, I just had to show you this short cut. I have a round table with an umbrella as you can see from the pictures. I bought a vintage table cloth and when I brought it home to wash it I discovered a large ugly spot that I just couldn't get rid of. So I... Continue Reading →

making a lavender wreath- tutorial

If I hold the lavender from my garden close enough to the camera can you smell how wonderful it is? My daughter and I made wreaths using sewing thread. We took the leaves off (although you could leave them on if you wish). Start by gathering a little bundle and then looping the thread around... Continue Reading →

playing at the beach

Here is the family playing at a beach on the westcoast. From these pictures you couldn't tell it is July here! Other than it is not too cold-- just very grey.. Hope you are able to play despite the weather.. Lise-Lotte

Mackenzie Bight hike

Here is a wonderful hike that we did recently at Mackenzie Bight. Thank you to my oldest daughter for the pictures (all except the one with the red berries that I took) We hear so much about children and youth not having enough time outside and not having a connection with nature. It seems so... Continue Reading →

a swim at Durrance Lake

Just as we were leaving, something special happened....isn't it a beautiful butterfly...aahh childhood in the summer... I hope something equally special happens for you after a cool swim in a lake... Lise-Lotte

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