raspberries and strawberries fresh from the garden for dessert

organic strawberries from the garden Victoria BC

Someone furry is interested in any strawberries that people might not be interested in because a slug had a few bites first! By the way, we did share all of our berries evenly, in case you are a sibling seeing this picture and remembering back to your own childhood…yes it is fair in this house..

I am in no way at the point where our family could survive off of our garden. We are very much reliant on the local shop  The Root Cellar and various local farms for our produce still. But  I have achieved my goal of having our family be very aware of where our food comes from and what affects it’s production (too much rain/sun etc). It’s one of the great pleasures that I am so appreciative of that we can do what we did tonight…eat our dinner outside and then take bowls to the garden and pick these scrumptious treats for dessert– they smell so good, and don’t even need washing…we are very fortunate!

I hope you have somewhere you can go and pick something wonderful to eat right away – whether a local farm, your own garden or Grandma and Grandpa’s…


organic strawberries from the garden Victoria BC

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