Spring scents

Scent carries such strong memories. I wish you could smell this double violet-- it reminds me of all the fond memories with a woman who was our next door neighbour growing up-- she was British and for some reason - this beautiful flower just whispers Mrs. Bennett. If we could choose our grandparents- I would... Continue Reading →

location, location, location

Making a new home-- ┬áIt's difficult to see in this picture, but today a small bird started making a nest in my basket. The clothes pegs that were out all winter have started to have mold on them, so I'll use them for something other than clothes. In the meantime, I had just placed this... Continue Reading →

project: garden comfort

  I wanted to show you the results of some pillows I bought at a church garage sale on Friday and then some outdoor fabric (that is supposed to be fade resistant). It was expensive so I only bought two meters (still some more to be used of the small stripe). I bought the burlap... Continue Reading →

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