observations on seasonal changes

At this time of year, I notice the changes in light with the change of the season. Here are some pictures I took last evening in the garden...the garlic picture on the bottom right was taken in this morning's light I wish you a wonderful fall weekend...I hope you have time to notice the changes... Continue Reading →

tea in the garden

I wanted to show you some pictures from a tea I did this summer. The scents in the garden were lovely--roses and sweet peas and the sun was very warm....I used some egg cups for simple vases on the table where I wanted things to be low. The egg cups also had special meaning for... Continue Reading →

changing light

One of the benefits of this time of year is that one can still sit together in the warm air as the evening light starts to cast shadows and give our sunflowers a beautiful glow...celebrating the simple things....the most wonderful celebration of all.. I don't do so well at taking pictures to show you the... Continue Reading →

a change in the season

I made this little wreath from a grapevine and the willow basket at a workshop. The Russian garlic is from a friend's garden.  I didn't want to think that Fall was coming, so I had hesitated buying sunflowers..but with the fog in the air today, it really does feel like Fall. Happy weekend wherever you... Continue Reading →

Saanich Fall Fair 2013

One can see many things at the Fair-- the rides, the foods, the concerts, the engines- large and small, old and new. What I saw was a great deal of pride that went into food production, caring for animals- from bee-keeping to horses, and a passion for such things as weaving, quilting and knitting among... Continue Reading →

16th birthday outdoor movie night

At partygreen, we have learned that the success of any celebration is how, in this case, the birthday girl is celebrated- has the individual been heard-- do they feel special and honoured on their special day. This birthday party was extremely successful because both the birthday girl and her guests felt special. The guests kept... Continue Reading →

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