freezing the summer sun and taste of strawberries

local strawberries Victoria BC

I always get so excited at the market when I see all the flats of strawberries. You know the part about how you forget the pain of childbirth and it allows you to have another child? Well, to a far lesser extent on that continuum – you get excited about the strawberries, enticed by the colour and the smell and then you get them home and have to freeze them, make jam or whatever plans you have for them– any of which means more work… In my case, it’s freezing because I know how useful they are in a shake on a winter morning, or boiled on the stove with a little vanilla sugar and served warm over good vanilla ice cream in November…

I use the trick of freezing them first on cookie sheets. Yes I do use parchment because it’s easy to lift them off the sheet that way, and you can use the paper for an art project later…

How do you preserve summer for the cold season to come?


frozen strawberries on cookie sheet

frozen non sprayed strawberries in freezer bag

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