time on another island

I've lived on an island of one size or another most of my life. It seems to me that the smaller the island the more time slows down. Well I know that's true when you visit, it wouldn't be the same if I were running a farm and raising a family--which brings me to where... Continue Reading →

my first roses of the season

Hello It's been so windy here that it dries out the garden. Last night,  I was out watering and had a nice surprise in the bottom of the garden-- my first roses of the season. The one that has the best scent is actually the one that looks the least photogenic. There may be a... Continue Reading →

two birthday gifts

Hello In this picture are two wonderful birthday gifts. My friend dropped off this sea soil which is SO good in the garden as a surprise the day before my birthday... The second gift is also in this picture. This same friend trained our dog not to go through this gate which leads to the... Continue Reading →

the wind and the dishtowels

Hello everyone, Today is a windy day- which is important because our oldest daughter is on a kayak trip to Discovery Island. She is there on a school trip for a three days, she left yesterday and will get back tomorrow....so I hope the wind dies down for their return trip tomorrow morning. They have... Continue Reading →

For Good Measure- buying food in bulk

Hello everyone, Buying in bulk especially from a shop that sources as much locally as possible is a great choice for sustainability .  For Good Measure is just such a place. I have been shopping there for years. Even when I lived in Vancouver, I would come back to visit my parents who live in... Continue Reading →

birthday tea for a fun group of gals

Hello everyone, Here are a few pictures from a birthday tea I did that I wanted to share with you. The linen napkins that I showed you on my last post worked well. The homemade treats were a hit. These vintage finds, homemade treats, locally grown flowers, and lovely linens are the sustainable backdrop to... Continue Reading →

raspberry coloured linen napkins

Hello everyone, I made some linen napkins yesterday for an upcoming event. I got the idea for this from my dear and talented friend over at poppyprint. This is the linen napkin that she made for me embroidering my initials (she made one for each member of our family--this one has been washed in the... Continue Reading →

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