Green Girl Gardens

Hello everyone, Given the terrible weather and late start that many of us are having in the garden, here is a great alternative to starting everything from seed. Green Girl Gardens sells wonderful plant starts and I have bought some of them for my garden at the Moss Street Market. They also sell at other... Continue Reading →

Scents to remember

Good afternoon, I wanted to show you my Mom's beautiful clematis that welcomes friends to their home in Victoria. My Dad built this fence years ago from cedar he split from the beach. In the years since, this lovely clematis has taken over. Mom used some of this clematis and lots of other flowers from... Continue Reading →

a lovely walk

This afternoon my oldest daughter and I went on a lovely we were trying to capture this moment , a friend's mom happened by and took this one for us... Celebrating the ordinary, the timeless and the simple-with gratitude... Lise-Lotte

Cloth bags to wrap gifts in

Hello everyone, When I was at the Epic Expo last week, I met a lovely woman at the Green Chair - Events with a conscience- booth. She asked if I would share a tip on camera while sitting in her bright green chair. I talked about how at partygreen celebrations we provide cloth bags that... Continue Reading →


Hello, I went over to Vancouver to attend the  Epic  Expo. The express bus from the ferry connecting to the Canada Line in Richmond is very efficient and inexpensive ( $3.75- bring exact change- no bills are accepted on the bus).  The new Vancouver Convention Centre is very striking - and a great place for... Continue Reading →

new poster

Hello, I want to show you our new poster that we are going to be circulating around town.  After so much cloudy rainy weather-  just looking at these photos which are so sunny and wonderful puts one in a celebratory mood! I grew these strawberries last year.  I was excited to see that there are... Continue Reading →

Welcome to partygreen celebrations

Hello I am so excited to be launching my first of many posts to come on my observations, thoughts and ideas for how we can celebrate the gatherings in our lives in a sustainable way while we're having fun and creating memories. Thanks for dropping by, please come again. Lise-Lotte

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