selling my cards at the school fair

It's one of life's little pleasures - to receive something in the mailbox - not advertising, not a bill-- just a greeting from a friend - sometimes to mark a birthday or another milestone, sometimes just to say "hi" or thank you. In such a fast paced world - someone took the time to say... Continue Reading →

starting peas

I've been putting seeds in the ground successively every 10 days for the last 6 weeks...peas are a family favourite and there's nothing better than snacking on them fresh in the garden. We've never had any make it to the freezer---but as they say in the gardening world.."there's always next year!"  

newsprint plant pots

I wanted to show you another alternative to plastic plant pots (although I also use those over and over again). This is a sweet little tool that I purchased last year and works well for small seedlings. The seedlings can be directly planted into the ground in the paper which means that their roots won't... Continue Reading →

weekend afternoon in the garden

Greetings from the Spring garden, Just a few pictures to say hello from my garden on a weekend afternoon. I wish I could send along the beautiful fragrance over this post. Scent is so closely related to memory...this clematis reminds me of my wedding and my Mom doing all the flowers with the help of... Continue Reading →

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