My first name is Lise-Lotte. It is a Danish name. I am Canadian. My mom was Danish. I don’t shorten my name. My friends don’t shorten it either. I love my name. I spend most of my days in the company of my constant companion, Lilly – our golden retriever.

I am passionate about the natural world, learning, growing flowers, connecting with the people in my life whom I love, and being a creative entrepreneur. Creativity is a daily practice, along with gratitude and mindfulness. My creativity is regularly expressed through my photography often sharing walks in the natural world with the lovely community on my instagram account Greenhouse Hygge. I find leaning into Beauty and living in the present moment helpful.

I am also thrilled that you are here as we travel this road together in a way that is respectful and leaving room for the wonder found in the moments of the every day. I look forward to learning from you – and I hope this website can be helpful to you in living a meaningful, purposeful, intentional and beautiful life.

I wish you peace on your path today.


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