location, location, location


Making a new home–  It’s difficult to see in this picture, but today a small bird started making a nest in my basket. The clothes pegs that were out all winter have started to have mold on them, so I’ll use them for something other than clothes. In the meantime, I had just placed this other basket with new pegs on top. It made for a lovely nesting site except that it is at the top of the stairs to the garden…so it can’t stay.











 I felt so badly that I had to move the clothes pins basket, that I added (not shown) some small pieces of dryer lint to try and make up for all the hard work that this bird had done all afternoon. I am hoping they come back and take their compensation with them…

Tonight I looked and it didn’t seem that he had taken any. I guess he and his partner are going to look for a new site for their home tomorrow. I  hope it’s somewhere fabulous! Location, location, location

Postscript:  I looked today March 16th and the dryer lint was all gone!  I’m so glad they liked my peace offering!

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