project: garden comfort


I wanted to show you the results of some pillows I bought at a church garage sale on Friday and then some outdoor fabric (that is supposed to be fade resistant). It was expensive so I only bought two meters (still some more to be used of the small stripe). I bought the burlap ribbon also at the garage sale and doubled it so that you couldn’t see the bright pink underneath. I slanted one pillow to show you that I was using all the fabric but only had enough for one side. 

I chose blue because in the garden I didn’t want a colour that would compete with the stars–my plants!

I am happy with my update- my old cushions were very, very well used and pretty worn out. (they will make a nice dog bed, plus I will re-cover some of them)


DSCF7170 DSCF7176 DSCF7177 DSCF7179

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  1. OH MY!!!!! SO FABULOUS!!!!!!!

    Any chance you accept commissions!!!

    Chrystal Palaty


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