Spring scents

Scent carries such strong memories. I wish you could smell this double violet– it reminds me of all the fond memories with a woman who was our next door neighbour growing up– she was British and for some reason – this beautiful flower just whispers Mrs. Bennett. If we could choose our grandparents- I would choose her to be my grandmother- I loved her so much

This cedar is for my Dad. We collected it on the beach this weekend – he makes brushes with them with a class that he is teaching at The Metchosin Summer School of the Arts

DSCF7436 DSCF7416DSCF7425DSCF7432

 With the recent wind storm, this daffodil got knocked over and quite “dirty”. I washed it off, but it wouldn’t come off. I celebrate it for being a survivor. 


My parsley is up and the fence is in place for the coming veggie growing season. I’ve started some things in the greenhouse– so soon I will transplant them out here.


The house of seedlings and a few spring bulbs in bloom.


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