Saanich Fall Fair 2013


One can see many things at the Fair– the rides, the foods, the concerts, the engines- large and small, old and new.

What I saw was a great deal of pride that went into food production, caring for animals- from bee-keeping to horses, and a passion for such things as weaving, quilting and knitting among others. It was a real celebration of all the work that goes into the art that children and adults produce, the long hours in the fields and the appreciation of what good weather, clean water and hard work can produce…

I know many families who go to the Fall Fair near them to celebrate this season–do you have a tradition at this time of year?

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  1. I love fall fairs! Although, I am having a hard time thinking it’s fall already after that amazingly warm and sunny summer! Good luck to everyone this week. I love new beginnings in September.

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