16th birthday outdoor movie night

At partygreen, we have learned that the success of any celebration is how, in this case, the birthday girl is celebrated- has the individual been heard– do they feel special and honoured on their special day. This birthday party was extremely successful because both the birthday girl and her guests felt special. The guests kept commenting on how pretty everything was– the flowers, the glow of the candles, the welcome atmosphere and the delicious food. We were lucky with the weather as the night was still – no wind and quite warm. We waited until this time of year when it gets dark early enough to start a movie outside. The party goers ate outside and then moved over to sit on the tarp (with the dew it gets damp at night) with sweaters and blankets–it was a huge hit! They loved the greek night themed food (homemade) and appreciated all of the details of the beautiful table. I stuck to white and purple flowers because purple is the birthday girl’s favourite colour but also because I think it makes it quite elegant to stick to a limited colour scheme in the bouquets which as you can see from the picture below grew there only minutes before.






floating candles hanging in trees
floating candles hanging in trees

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