the wind and the dishtowels

Hello everyone,

Today is a windy day- which is important because our oldest daughter is on a kayak trip to Discovery Island. She is there on a school trip for a three days, she left yesterday and will get back tomorrow….so I hope the wind dies down for their return trip tomorrow morning. They have set up tents and slept under tarps and are doing all those wonderful things that I remember doing that builds character. Although now as the mother in this scenario, I realize these “character building exercises” make moms worry a little (and yet still be excited for them at the same time).

As I was hanging the laundry to dry in the wind, I thought I would show you this picture. I love cloth. I love dishtowels and all of them have a little memory attached to them. The one at the front right was given to me by my sister who got it for me on a trip to Sweden, the one with the letters I bought with my sister in France at a wine and olive oil co-op in Provence when we were having sister time leaving the rest of the family to play in the pool, the yellow, white and green one was woven for me by a talented friend, the blue one behind it was given to us by our home stay student in a lovely food basket at Christmas, the chateau wine label reminds me of our recent trip to Beaune in France in March ( I would imagine that all those fields of bare vines are now covered with bright green leaves just like my one vine in my garden, the next two with my sister and the last one I bought the cloth at a wonderful shop in Copenhagen that my cousin told me about –they have the MOST amazing cotton cloth there–it’s very dangerous for me to go there–although I would LOVE to go again…

I think part of living a sustainable life is also about living with things that one really loves– it brings a certain kind of beauty to the everyday and let’s-face-it, the mundane.

Do you live with everyday things that have memories for you?


dish towels

dish towels

dish towels

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