Family traditions using handmade embroidery

Hello everyone,

If you have a sweet tooth like me, one of the many things that is great about living in Victoria is that there are lots of lovely bakeries! Surely that must be on the list that determines the world’s most liveable cities! That and the fact that you can bike or walk to them in your neighbourhood!

Here is the cake we enjoyed with our twelve year old at my parents this weekend. What I wanted you to see too is the beautiful embroidery that my Aunt in Denmark had made for my Mom years ago. We treasure it and bring it out for birthday celebrations. For years, Mom didn’t use many of the beautiful things that her talented mom made. Now later in her life she says that she regrets that she didn’t use these things because my sister and I don’t have memories with those handmade things.

I have made up my mind that I am going to use these lovely things, yes clean them by hand and hang them to dry..but not worry that I might stain them. Do you have things that are precious and lovingly made that you incorporate into your family’s celebrations?

danish embroidery, chocolate cake celebrating a 12th birthday

Celebrating the ordinary, the timeless and the simple-with gratitude…


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