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Have you been to a conference that rocks your world? Knocks your socks off? Something that fills your mind, your heart and your notebook with so many gems you don’t know where to start.

And then when you sit here- it comes to you.

You start here. Just like those maps at the mall. ‘You are here’.

So I start as I do every challenge. Acknowledge that it’s A LOT. Acknowledge the feelings. Then feel grateful that I have this challenge- after all it is a challenge I chose. I chose to be an entrepreneur or perhaps I acknowledged I am one.

And then I sit still. Not for long, but for long enough.

With the resolve that I will go back to my notebook. Turn to a blank page and in the quiet the distilling of the lessons will come to my pencil and I will record them. And then I will start my list. With my calendar.

I am excited.

Can I do these things? Well perhaps when I look back at what I’ve done, it is my proof that I have done things I hadn’t done before and so it is the only proof I have that I can figure things out. There’s no promise it’s easy, there’s no guarantee it’s hard, even less that it will work.

But here we go.

As I feel my feet in my first pair of hand knit socks. The first ones I’ve made. The last time my feet felt the warmth of handmade not-itchy-wool socks they were made by my mom. That was well over 10 years ago now. But for the purposes of personal proof, it’s the ones I’m wearing now that I need. It’s the proof I need: To start or more accurately to continue.

After all to see yourself in that place at the mall- you had to get yourself on the map. 

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