Words are important

I remember this thin little English grammar book from school- not for the rules which I should have committed to memory, but because I often come back to the title: Words are Important. Possibly as a professional communicator or a writer, but more because of how, when said, one can never take them back. Of course, this can be good and bad— in the instance I am thinking about, it is very good. A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at Thomas Hobb’s website. I knew he had written one book, but I didn’t know he had written a second before that. So I clicked on it and it took me to the American Amazon site. My book is available on all Amazon sites, but the reviews that I was aware of appear on the Canadian site. Out of curiosity, I searched my book title and to my surprise, I read and then re-read the following:

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May 21, 2017

Format: Paperback
What a lovely book! Reading it made me feel like I was there in Ms Loomer’s cosy greenhouse tucked in the corner of a lush garden full of flowers. The history of how she came to have it is touching. If you want to understand how to bring hygge into your life, read this book and you will know. The photos are beautifully done, somehow spectacular yet quietly understated at the same time, perfectly balanced. The text is one woman’s journey, and is filled with things we can all use in our own lives to make them better lives – this is what books are supposed to be for, sharing, growing, connecting as people.

That a stranger could capture that which I have had trouble trying to define – even though it is MY story that I tell in words and photographs. I felt really touched- and grateful to this stranger. Words are important. 

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