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When I was in university, I fell in love with campus community radio. And one of the other volunteers who was running the radio station! Those two loves are still very much in my life, thankfully. I have learned so much from both of them. They are both good story tellers.

I love university for all the experiences that I had, the learning, the people I met and yes the academic theories which guide my practice with children and youth. It was a time for me of being open and confident to try lots of different things and this included hosting a magazine show. It ran on Wednesdays for an hour; I interviewed people from around town on various subjects. We didn’t have a technician, so it really was me “making radio” running the board. When my girls were teenagers I needed their help turning on the complicated tv, which isn’t really a tv, since we don’t have cable. I reminded myself, and them, of how I used to be technical- hard to believe really. But a worthwhile attempt at regaining face in the reality of the very technical world in which we reside. Thank heavens for my patient girls!

Recently, a friend who is a fabulous storyteller and professional communicator whom I have known since I was learning to be a professional communicator in a corporate environment, sent me an e-mail containing an invitation. I accepted this kind invitation to appear on her segment of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s Storytelling Show on April 15th from 9- 10pm. Tracey Wimperly is going to interview me about – you guessed it- my book and the themes within it such as hygge. I haven’t really been in a studio in the last, ahem, 25 plus years. I’m guess they won’t be playing a reel-to-reel of Radio Deutsche Wella’s documentary on the tsetse fly, as I did when my guest cancelled at the last minute. CDs are no longer new, the technician who will be working on this show probably wasn’t around when there were carts to plug in to advertise the important fundraising efforts that went on every year so that CFUV could operate.

I was reminded of the way that people used to gather around the large wooden radio in the middle of the living room in days gone by, as we sat on the comfortable couch in front of the fire, tired dog at our feet, my unobtrusive iphone on the coffee table that played the interview last Sunday. I always love to listen to a good conversation that reveals an interesting story, and it was definitely that.

I hope that if you are interested, you can tune in to listen to my conversation with Tracey on April 15th. They also save past shows, I look forward to listening to more past episodes soon.

Over and Out.

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