Making Space for Creativity

We spent the long weekend creating space.

Space for creativity.

Creativity takes space. In the mind. In the soul. In the heart. In the physical surroundings.

It’s the showing up for the work. Setting the table. Distilling of all the artful conversations this summer. With new friends and very old friends. It’s the putting into action all the new ideas.

And yes, in the tidying and moving and selling of furniture, it’s the missing of Ilse. Always the missing.

Sometimes in the changing, the evolving, the letting go of things—- the quiet that it leaves speaks in equal parts of past memories and exciting new possibilities. For me there is emotion there. More than sadness. More like longing and wishing it was something else. Knowing that it isn’t. Knowing that this feeling will pass, not forgotten, but with less energy to it.

Change can be many things. It starts with a simple question: What if?

And then one day you sit in the glorious emptiness of all those minute decisions, the busyness of a Fb marketplace ad, and you feel proud of yourselves for doing the work. All the work. Together.

And perhaps you think, why didn’t I do this before? And you remind each other lovingly how it was not time.

But now it is.

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