Overwhelmed with creative choices?

I don’t know about you but, sometimes in the summer~ there are just too many projects and possibilities for creativity. Why did I specify summer- this can be all the time!

My strategy at the moment is one-thing-at-a-time.

The house is a mess, there are plants that could be tied back ( I’m looking at you sweet peas), weeding to be done, cyanotype fun to have and I haven’t even set up my Indigo dye pot yet this summer!

And here we are the first day of August!?! How is that possible?!

One. thing. at. a. time.

Before I do that I will make a list – so then it’s down on paper and those thoughts don’t need to come and pull on my sleeve while I’m trying to do my one-thing-at-a-time.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by choice or your creative projects?

I wish you peace on your path today,


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