Growing, intentionally

Every year my greenhouse helps me to learn something. This year I am practicing being more intentional about the plants I grow for my business and for my family to enjoy. As I do every year, I always start plants I’ve never grown from seed before. With this year’s new seed, I am excited to welcome some healthy little lavender plants to my greenhouse until they are “big” enough to go outside- or really just ready! It is generally understood here that we are three weeks behind due to a particularly cold and rainy Spring.

In January and February after I came out to my greenhouse to start seeds and corms on my heat mat, I went back to my studio to take a wonderful series of 3 on-line courses which explored developing my business with more intention. Some of the first exercises on goal and objective setting had me flashing back to a windowless hotel conference room, where the debate ensued about which comes first and why the group had to come to a consensus before carrying on…I was a participant in those early days. Things are so different now— these business goals that I set for myself are also so much more personal, and either more achievable or a lot more challenging to accomplish, than the corporate goals that employees set for an organization that pays them.

With time ( ahem, about 30 years), I have increased my skills and knowledge. I’ve read a lot, taken many courses, worked and volunteered in many settings, met mentors who have taught me so much, and accumulated experiences (chosen or not). However, there are some things which have not ever wavered- and my actions over the years have shown me that. I am passionate about learning, growing plants, and what used to be called social issues ( that’s another month of blog posts). My values have never changed, not since I studied them in university for my degree or in any experience since.

I have learned so much from the Jilly Academy courses, the Floret course, as well as many references from the women-owned businesses that I follow on social media. One of the key lessons is about the shift in thinking, that in business today there are other models which are hugely successful and are all about collaboration over competition. The indisputable notion that there is room for every body to be successful. And, further, that real success is built on the founder’s true values and their genuine expression of them in action. Simply put, we as consumers (and voters) can spot a phoney. In fact, the reason that I like and follow Jillian Harris is that she has allowed us to see her as she models learning, growing and changing accordingly on important issues that affect Canada and our world. We see how we as individuals intersect with these big issues. She shares ways that each of us can take action to make personal changes that will positively impact our society and our planet. Throughout it all she is genuine and true to herself which I think is inspiring and brave.

It’s a lovely thing that being oneself in sharing your own true story is what is valued by so many customers.

With partygreen flowers, my mission is to grow flowers so the kind people who buy them can express their caring in the world.

To this end, I am adding another component to my business. I love creating content where I share Beauty in the world around us, in nature, in everyday simple experiences. It takes a lot of time to be a digital creator. I appreciate all the people who message me to say how it is helpful for them that I share the morning walks, or my flowers, or written content. I am very moved by this, and I feel appreciated.

I am going to start adding affiliate marketing to the mix. This means that I am not changing anything that I am saying, thinking or sharing in this social space – but, it would seem, that there are companies which I have had a relationship with over the years as a customer where their why is aligned (is compatible) with my own. West Coast Seeds is such a company. I remember my mom buying them- she liked that all seeds are untreated for organic growing! If you wish to buy their seeds or tools for a successful garden, I would invite you to buy them through my website. You do not pay extra, but a small percentage is sent to me as a result of doing so. This helps make it possible to make and share the content that I do.

As with all the ideas that sprout in my greenhouse, I look forward to seeing how affiliate marketing will take root in my business (sorry that line just wrote itself).

I wish you peace on your path today,


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