Greenhouse Hygge, the house of my growing dreams

It’s the title of my book which came out almost 5 years ago and continues to be true to this day. I was standing in my greenhouse yesterday, Mother’s Day, and I really felt so happy with all the changes that this house has helped me with. I no longer have space for two chairs and a little table to hold the tea pot, a small vase of flowers, two tea cups and perched precariously: a little plate of homemade treats to enjoy with our Earl Grey.

I don’t know if my mom can see how her greenhouse has helped by being the engine of a thriving flower business- how the seeds and tubers and corms start their life in sterilized seed mix, a little water and often on the heat mat until little green leaves shoot up on the tiniest of stems…. a very cozy place to start a life that will culminate in the beauty of the flowers we can share with the kind people who buy them -to communicate their caring in the world to their special people. I know she would love to know that. I will never change the benches that she made with wood she found on the beach- just for this space, just perfect for her height, and given that we were the same height- perfect for this grateful daughter.

This place is such a lovely grounding to a loving mom who made me feel comfortable in this greenhouse since I was in school and would plant seeds in February in time to get them out into Mom’s garden when it was time.

Do you have a special place that grounds you to good memories that allow you to be free to soar into new territory? I would love to know..

I wish peace on your path today,


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