April in my garden

DSCF7944My little greenhouse in the late evening sun

DSCF7967 My new little tree seems to be very happy so far. I hope she continues to want to stay…and puts down real roots!DSCF7965DSCF7955DSCF7931 We’re getting the ping pong table set up for the summer’s matches. We just need the wind to die down a bit before we play..DSCF7917 I have some beautiful flowers in my greenhouse that are not ready to go out in the big wide world yet. In the meantime, the scent when I open the door every morning is just heavenly…DSCF7900 I’ve never grown these sunflowers before…I’m hoping to be dwarfed by them by the end of summer.DSCF7894 DSCF7883 I found a place for my new wreath (when it “ages”, I will take off all the string..)DSCF7875

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