Beautiful Bohemian Birthday Party

Here are a few pictures from a recent bohemian birthday that I did for a girl who turned 17. She invited her friends to dress up to do pictures in the garden (since they are graduating this year and spreading out all over the globe next year). She invited a henna artist to come and paint her gorgeous designs on her friend’s hands and arms. They had homemade curries and other yummy Indian foods. There was laughter into the evening while they enjoyed rice pudding and hot tea as the sun went down… all the young women felt special and left the party with a two sided framed picture of themselves with the birthday girl and on the other side a picture of the whole group of friends… a wonderful memory of an evening celebrating a true friend.




Adding the fabric above the outdoor deck really transformed the space.

Small white lights, candles in jars and the solar lanterns added a lovely glow as the sun went down.. (sorry those pictures didn’t turn out very well…)






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  1. Gorgeous! Love the tent idea and the flowers. You’re especially skilled at managing the day to night transition – I wish the pictures of the candles and solar lights worked! (please send!)

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