Loosing a tree; gaining a new garden space and potager

DSCF5704We lost a beautiful big cedar tree to a nasty beetle which attacked the tree and killed it. The tree had to be taken out- it was so dry. We were sad to loose the tree. But as with all change, comes opportunity. I was looking for another space in the garden where I could grow some more vegetables. With the hedge to the right of this space, the potager gets morning sun and late afternoon sun but misses the heat of the midday.
photo (6)

photo (7)

I was experimenting with the lattice to try and cover up the ugly old shed. I was thinking that I could grow something up the lattice. After a little clean-up,  it was fun to try to visualize a new space and use what we already had. photo (5)



I covered the fence on the left with a willow screen. I painted the shed out of the picture with a flat black.


I found these two fence pieces at the hardware store where I bought the lattice. They were only $1.69 each. They are attached to a post in the ground with string (for now) I like the impression they create of a gate.




I’m still trying to decide if I would like to have lattice for the little fence (to keep my puppy dog from running through..) or is the little string enough? What do you think?





It’s been a lovely place to sit in the afternoon when it’s too sunny and hot in other places in the garden.



I moved these chairs from the front garden where they didn’t get any use. I have written about these in a previous post. The metal plant stand is a from a friend who didn’t want it anymore. I spray painted it black (also re-located from another part of the front garden). I bought another willow fence panel and will attach it to the fence along beside the shed to finish things off and also provide some privacy. DSCF5703

The marigolds I planted because they are meant to be good in a veggie garden as they are a little stinky and some bugs don’t like that. They are doing really well (I like this colour the most for marigolds as I don’t really like the brighter oranges they usually come in) and the herbs and veggies are very happy in their new home. I can hardly wait for the new potatoes and some tomatoes. We’ll have some beans tonight from the garden!






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