Liberty circles and some primrose from the garden





DSCF2593Good morning,

I hope this Sunday morning is finding you well. This summer I was sitting in an Adirondack chair overlooking the ocean with my pencil and blank book– I was writing a list ( I love lists) of all those projects that I have been wanting to do. Sometimes it’s a matter of time, and sometimes I think it’s something I don’t really understand–like a particular weaving pattern…that has me stumped.

Well, this was a project from that list. I had admired it on my friend’s blog and then in person and had wanted to make it. Now I have! Like anything, when you learn a new creative technique, you start to see all the wonderful possibilities. I’ve done a few experiments now … and as always- some work really well and others, well, should I really have used that favourite piece of fabric for a test?

On that topic, I started using a few Liberty fabrics that I purchased at an estate sale, but I wasn’t really fond of them. So I decided- if you are going to invest this valuable time into something, make it with fabrics that you LOVE because you (and the your family) will be looking at them for years to come on the dining room table. Some of these small pieces are from scraps from my Mom, an old skirt that I bought in the Liberty store when I was 17, a shirt from a garage sale, a couple that I liked from the estate sale. Some of these fabrics are over 50 years old, but as it is with quality- they are divine to work with.

My family is very good about taking newly finished projects off the table when we are going to have pasta or some other potentially staining meal. At some point there is some natural invisible threshold that we pass, where it doesn’t matter if there is a stain on it, we’ll take the chance. I do think that living with beautiful things, no matter if they are handmade or not, is just about appreciating them and using them in our daily life. 

I have added a few primroses from the garden – I love the beginning of Spring.

Happy Sunday,  Lise-Lotte

photo 2
crossing the threshold to everyday use (although homemade cranberry apricot scones are pretty safe)

crossing the threshold to everyday use (although homemade cranberry apricot scones are pretty safe)

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