School Welcome Back Picnic- done sustainably

I’m organizing my daughter’s schools’ welcome back picnic. It’s a beautiful day and we’re expecting lots of families! We’re doing something a little different this year, we’re asking people to bring their own plate, cutlery and cup so that we won’t have any garbage. We’re giving out compostable plates should people forget theirs. We’ll have among other great food, local corn on the cob, all of which can be composted. We’re offering water from jugs and a dispenser so that we don’t need to have plastic water bottles. I know that other schools are doing this now and I think it’s a great idea. It’s so consistent with the school’s environmental sustainability initiatives that the students live out everyday.  Here’s the picture I took for the poster featuring  one of my favorite quilts that I made ages ago.

Is your school doing a welcome back picnic? What are some of the environmental initiatives at your child’s school?

school picnic done sustainably

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