a lovely birthday

I wanted you to see the fun candelabra that I got recently. It looks particularly stunning on a simple cake with nothing on the top ( not this one) However, given that chocolate and hazelnuts are some of my most favourite foods, we used this candelabra anyway.

Lise-Lotte's birthday cake

my birthday breakfast with crepes and as you can see- chocolate croissants! The cloth bags are coming in so handy for all our family’s birthdays. These are some of the ones I use for partygreen celebrations…a very popular aspect of our parties.

birthday morning with cloth bag gift wrapped presents

I am enjoying these little flowers that I purchased last year when the plant was on sale and nearly dead for the season. It has produced so many beautiful flowers and I love how they complement the lovely table runner (dish towel) my sister gave me from Switzerland.

organically grown flowers from the garden on birthday morning

I was sitting here in my “new” vintage chair enjoying the peace and quiet when my daughter brought me the phone. It was my sweet friend from Vancouver with birthday wishes. As we were talking, I looked through the mock orange into the neighbour’s garden and saw…

vintage chair in the garden homemade pillow

a neighbour!- and not a popular one for those of us love our gardens… There are so many deer living in the city limits now. Lots of people are having to put up fences to keep their beloved gardens in some sort of form.


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