Enjoying homemade brownies on a sunny day

Hello everyone,

It has been quite a while since I have added to my blog…I’m back and here to stay!

I see this blog as being a place for ideas about partygreen celebrations– the company and new concept which I am very proud to have created. I also see this blog as a place where sustainable living with beauty can blossom.

To start back today here are some yummy pictures of homemade brownies enjoyed outside on a sunny day (these pictures where actually taken in February…we haven’t seen the sun for the last couple of days.. there are rumours we will for the weekend!) They were enjoyed with tea from my favourite teapot–whose lid I broke on New Year’s Eve. My little Emma Bridgewater has had a “temporary”  lid (which was part of a gift from a friend for olive pits that she brought back from Spain). There are few things that I am really attached to: my teapot is one of them. I am having a difficult time replacing her, but I must. Any suggestions?


homemade brownies

homemade brownies

homemade brownies

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