the gift of a stunning sunrise

Hello everyone,

Just a quick couple of collages. Because of this lovely dog who left the tent early in the morning to see the deer who were grazing in the field next to our tent at Ruckle Park, my husband got up to see that she hadn’t tied herself up in the rope and saw this beautiful sunrise. I’m so glad I didn’t sleep through it, although I would have if the puppy hadn’t woken us up.

The family went swimming in a lake and that’s when I took this happy puppy’s picture..

We also went to a fabulous cheese place (and besides sampling some fine cheeses and seeing where they make the cheese we enjoy at home all the time, they have delicious goat’s milk ice cream– if you go, I recommend the toffee caramel (the rest of the family recommends the mango) Really, you can’t go wrong..

If someone wakes you up very early, I hope you have the gift of a beautiful sunrise as we did.


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