newsprint plant pots

I wanted to show you another alternative to plastic plant pots (although I also use those over and over again). This is a sweet little tool that I purchased last year and works well for small seedlings. The seedlings can be directly planted into the ground in the paper which means that their roots won't... Continue Reading →

Spring time in the afternoon sun

I want to show you some pictures from my greenhouse. Being a planner -whether events, gatherings, parties or other adventures, I LOVE to plan and so Spring is perhaps my favourite time of year in that respect. Here are some things to enjoy in the garden: flowers that are in bloom to be enjoyed right... Continue Reading →

observations on seasonal changes

At this time of year, I notice the changes in light with the change of the season. Here are some pictures I took last evening in the garden...the garlic picture on the bottom right was taken in this morning's light I wish you a wonderful fall weekend...I hope you have time to notice the changes... Continue Reading →

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