Gathering Experiences that are Meaningful Membership Launch (GEM)

If you are a woman looking to have more creativity and connection in your life, then you will feel at home in our membership Gathering Experiences that are Meaningful (GEM).

You might be:

  • starting from a place of not having any creativity,
  • having one creative activity that you are passionate about and you are looking for inspiration
  • finding yourself with more time to explore new creative endeavours
  • transitioning from a place of overwhelm, burnout, life stage, difficult health challenges to a place of more calm, energy and happiness
  • knowing that creativity can help you immensely as you define the life you want to lead
  • expressing your creativity through cooking and gardening and your goal is to expand and learn new things

This is YOUR own journey. You define it. There are no comparisons here.

Wherever you are on this journey, we have a plan- a path to success with steps to follow to help you meet your creativity goal(s) or intention(s).

Our wonderful members (GEMs) are kind, open-minded learners. Life’s experience has taught us that the little things are the indeed the big things and that it is worthwhile to find Beauty in the everyday.

Making time to live a creative, intentional life can bring such meaning, purpose, peace, joy and energy. We define creativity broadly. All of the projects and themes we explore are designed for each person to learn something new or gain a new insight. Each month there is a different theme to explore. October’s theme is gathering…

Every Thursday, you can expect one of the following:

  • a new challenge/invitation to notice, to see the world in new and interesting ways,
  • a video, audio or written piece from me on some aspect of your creative journey
  • a video, audio or written piece to learn a new craft or art technique,
  • an invitation to have a live call to discuss a topic with other GEMs – these are recorded so if you can’t make it you can listen later if you would like to (perhaps with your tea and knitting)
  • something new

At this time we have a private GEMS instagram account so that we can share as we go along, and also so that we can follow along on other GEMs journeys if they share on their accounts. There is no expectation of sharing, only if you would like to.

I am so happy that you have chosen to be here as we gather experiences that are meaningful,


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