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Have you been to a conference that rocks your world? Knocks your socks off? Something that fills your mind, your heart and your notebook with so many gems you don’t know where to start. And then when you sit here- it comes to you. You start here. Just like those maps at the mall. ‘You... Continue Reading →

Making Space for Creativity

We spent the long weekend creating space. Space for creativity. Creativity takes space. In the mind. In the soul. In the heart. In the physical surroundings. It’s the showing up for the work. Setting the table. Distilling of all the artful conversations this summer. With new friends and very old friends. It’s the putting into... Continue Reading →


I am writing this from the most northerly part of Denmark on this sunny warm day on the 22nd of August. Today we are working outside- we are seeing the sights in the early part of the day and then getting a half day of work in with a break to see the sunset. Day... Continue Reading →

My Petal Potluck Idea

I don't know about you - but sometimes when you come up with an idea-- and it works so well--- you just want to share it with the world. Does this happen to you? I follow lots of generous people in the digital space and I appreciate when they share their creative ideas and stories... Continue Reading →

Overwhelmed with creative choices?

I don't know about you but, sometimes in the summer~ there are just too many projects and possibilities for creativity. Why did I specify summer- this can be all the time! My strategy at the moment is one-thing-at-a-time. The house is a mess, there are plants that could be tied back ( I’m looking at... Continue Reading →

Are you familiar with cyanotype?

This was my opening line when people came to my table at the Yuletide Fair at Bilston Creek Farm in November. Here's the exciting news---- I get to go again! They accepted me for their Spring Market Series- there are 3 weekends and I will be at the last weekend March 31, April Fools Day,... Continue Reading →

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