Are you familiar with cyanotype?

This was my opening line when people came to my table at the Yuletide Fair at Bilston Creek Farm in November. Here's the exciting news---- I get to go again! They accepted me for their Spring Market Series- there are 3 weekends and I will be at the last weekend March 31, April Fools Day,... Continue Reading →

Checking in on little wonders

I was recently staying at a place where the forest is integral to the whole experience. It's the kind of place that mostly goes under the radar. You use this computer to find the phone number to confirm the date, because you've lost the piece of paper they gave you last year for when you... Continue Reading →

Natural Easter egg dye

I feel as though when it comes to dying eggs, yarn or fabric with everyday ingredients, the dye is raised to a level of legitimacy. When red cabbage dyes my tea towel that is sitting too close to the cutting board when I am cutting up it for a salad or a stir fry, I... Continue Reading →

Easter Bunny buns

Do you have a bread maker? Or if you make dough for buns from scratch-- here's a little hack that is so simple. The result: super cute little bunnies suitable for any Easter table! If you have children in your life, they can help by rolling the buns (it doesn't matter what size, just as... Continue Reading →

Good morning, sunshine

or is it Good morning sunshine? A year ago this week, I started meeting my friends for an early morning walk. We time our walks so that we arrive at a point to see the sunrise. When I started sharing the photographs and video that I take of the day's beginning, I started titling it... Continue Reading →

a little break in the shade

We had a really warm and sunny Sunday. After a great deal of weeding and moving a few plants, we took a little break. Listening to all the birds, and the enjoying the scents of all the flowering trees in the neighbourhood as well as some of the flowers in my garden as they waft by...quiet... Continue Reading →

Spring scents

Scent carries such strong memories. I wish you could smell this double violet-- it reminds me of all the fond memories with a woman who was our next door neighbour growing up-- she was British and for some reason - this beautiful flower just whispers Mrs. Bennett. If we could choose our grandparents- I would... Continue Reading →

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