I am writing this from the most northerly part of Denmark on this sunny warm day on the 22nd of August. Today we are working outside- we are seeing the sights in the early part of the day and then getting a half day of work in with a break to see the sunset. Day... Continue Reading →

an accomplishment you can wear

Last June in Aarhus, a wonderful city in Denmark, my daughter and I walked into an inspiring knitting store called Tondering Strik, while my sweetheart found parking and figured out downloading parking apps. It is this sweater...but mine looks like the sleeves shrank when they crossed the Atlantic.. I feel as though I never accomplish... Continue Reading →

Checking in on little wonders

I was recently staying at a place where the forest is integral to the whole experience. It's the kind of place that mostly goes under the radar. You use this computer to find the phone number to confirm the date, because you've lost the piece of paper they gave you last year for when you... Continue Reading →

a little break in the shade

We had a really warm and sunny Sunday. After a great deal of weeding and moving a few plants, we took a little break. Listening to all the birds, and the enjoying the scents of all the flowering trees in the neighbourhood as well as some of the flowers in my garden as they waft by...quiet... Continue Reading →

location, location, location

Making a new home--  It's difficult to see in this picture, but today a small bird started making a nest in my basket. The clothes pegs that were out all winter have started to have mold on them, so I'll use them for something other than clothes. In the meantime, I had just placed this... Continue Reading →

a few fall images…abundance

In our part of the world I always seem to be truly grateful at this time of year for the abundance that is all around us.. the warmth of the bright sun, the clarity of the light, the fresh air and all the wonderful things to eat...

Happy Father’s Day

    Here is a little visual taste of Father's Day for us- the weather has become much colder - but we still had our happy hour outside in the garden. Because I always think that all food tastes better outside in the fresh air.  With gratitude that I have a wonderful father and so... Continue Reading →

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