Natural Easter egg dye

I feel as though when it comes to dying eggs, yarn or fabric with everyday ingredients, the dye is raised to a level of legitimacy. When red cabbage dyes my tea towel that is sitting too close to the cutting board when I am cutting up it for a salad or a stir fry, I... Continue Reading →

Easter Bunny buns

Do you have a bread maker? Or if you make dough for buns from scratch-- here's a little hack that is so simple. The result: super cute little bunnies suitable for any Easter table! If you have children in your life, they can help by rolling the buns (it doesn't matter what size, just as... Continue Reading →

November 2nd in the greenhouse

After gardening this afternoon, here are a few pictures from our early darkness (we moved our clocks back last night). It was so quiet in the greenhouse, the leaves rustling in the big tree, but otherwise completely quiet.    

a simple Christmas gathering

I found this silver tray at a garage sale and it shone up beautifully. I was able to increase the light, by placing the candles on top (the little red ones were also a garage sale find). The Christmas season for me  is all about cozy memories and creating memories. The little picture below is... Continue Reading →

Rosemary wreaths for Thanksgiving

We will have a few simple decorations for our guests at Thanksgiving-this is something that I played with for a shape that was fun. I had thought I would make them all the same, but the rosemary wanted to break instead of bend today--so I ended up with some variations. It's something that people can... Continue Reading →

tea in the garden

I wanted to show you some pictures from a tea I did this summer. The scents in the garden were lovely--roses and sweet peas and the sun was very warm....I used some egg cups for simple vases on the table where I wanted things to be low. The egg cups also had special meaning for... Continue Reading →

16th birthday outdoor movie night

At partygreen, we have learned that the success of any celebration is how, in this case, the birthday girl is celebrated- has the individual been heard-- do they feel special and honoured on their special day. This birthday party was extremely successful because both the birthday girl and her guests felt special. The guests kept... Continue Reading →

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