an accomplishment you can wear

Last June in Aarhus, a wonderful city in Denmark, my daughter and I walked into an inspiring knitting store called Tondering Strik, while my sweetheart found parking and figured out downloading parking apps. It is this sweater...but mine looks like the sleeves shrank when they crossed the Atlantic.. I feel as though I never accomplish... Continue Reading →

Natural Easter egg dye

I feel as though when it comes to dying eggs, yarn or fabric with everyday ingredients, the dye is raised to a level of legitimacy. When red cabbage dyes my tea towel that is sitting too close to the cutting board when I am cutting up it for a salad or a stir fry, I... Continue Reading →

Easter Bunny buns

Do you have a bread maker? Or if you make dough for buns from scratch-- here's a little hack that is so simple. The result: super cute little bunnies suitable for any Easter table! If you have children in your life, they can help by rolling the buns (it doesn't matter what size, just as... Continue Reading →

location, location, location

Making a new home-- ┬áIt's difficult to see in this picture, but today a small bird started making a nest in my basket. The clothes pegs that were out all winter have started to have mold on them, so I'll use them for something other than clothes. In the meantime, I had just placed this... Continue Reading →

project: garden comfort

  I wanted to show you the results of some pillows I bought at a church garage sale on Friday and then some outdoor fabric (that is supposed to be fade resistant). It was expensive so I only bought two meters (still some more to be used of the small stripe). I bought the burlap... Continue Reading →

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