Spring scents

Scent carries such strong memories. I wish you could smell this double violet-- it reminds me of all the fond memories with a woman who was our next door neighbour growing up-- she was British and for some reason - this beautiful flower just whispers Mrs. Bennett. If we could choose our grandparents- I would... Continue Reading →

starting peas

I've been putting seeds in the ground successively every 10 days for the last 6 weeks...peas are a family favourite and there's nothing better than snacking on them fresh in the garden. We've never had any make it to the freezer---but as they say in the gardening world.."there's always next year!"  

newsprint plant pots

I wanted to show you another alternative to plastic plant pots (although I also use those over and over again). This is a sweet little tool that I purchased last year and works well for small seedlings. The seedlings can be directly planted into the ground in the paper which means that their roots won't... Continue Reading →

starting seeds

 Good morning  I wanted to share with you some different methods of starting seeds - here is a cell blocker. When I was a little girl, I loved to make mud pies... it was a good skill to have when making the cell blocks. It's a bit of a balance between starter mix (which I... Continue Reading →

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