Good morning, sunshine

or is it Good morning sunshine? A year ago this week, I started meeting my friends for an early morning walk. We time our walks so that we arrive at a point to see the sunrise. When I started sharing the photographs and video that I take of the day's beginning, I started titling it... Continue Reading →

Spring scents

Scent carries such strong memories. I wish you could smell this double violet-- it reminds me of all the fond memories with a woman who was our next door neighbour growing up-- she was British and for some reason - this beautiful flower just whispers Mrs. Bennett. If we could choose our grandparents- I would... Continue Reading →

November 2nd in the greenhouse

After gardening this afternoon, here are a few pictures from our early darkness (we moved our clocks back last night). It was so quiet in the greenhouse, the leaves rustling in the big tree, but otherwise completely quiet.    

weekend afternoon in the garden

Greetings from the Spring garden, Just a few pictures to say hello from my garden on a weekend afternoon. I wish I could send along the beautiful fragrance over this post. Scent is so closely related to memory...this clematis reminds me of my wedding and my Mom doing all the flowers with the help of... Continue Reading →

Here are a few pictures from the last few days and some lovely Spring time walks.  I just love the light behind Peter Rabbit's ears and whiskers.. And when we got back- well there's always time to do a little practice crocheting..

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