Are you familiar with cyanotype?

This was my opening line when people came to my table at the Yuletide Fair at Bilston Creek Farm in November. Here's the exciting news---- I get to go again! They accepted me for their Spring Market Series- there are 3 weekends and I will be at the last weekend March 31, April Fools Day,... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day

    Here is a little visual taste of Father's Day for us- the weather has become much colder - but we still had our happy hour outside in the garden. Because I always think that all food tastes better outside in the fresh air.  With gratitude that I have a wonderful father and so... Continue Reading →

Saanich Fall Fair 2013

One can see many things at the Fair-- the rides, the foods, the concerts, the engines- large and small, old and new. What I saw was a great deal of pride that went into food production, caring for animals- from bee-keeping to horses, and a passion for such things as weaving, quilting and knitting among... Continue Reading →

birthday tea for a fun group of gals

Hello everyone, Here are a few pictures from a birthday tea I did that I wanted to share with you. The linen napkins that I showed you on my last post worked well. The homemade treats were a hit. These vintage finds, homemade treats, locally grown flowers, and lovely linens are the sustainable backdrop to... Continue Reading →

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