Are you familiar with cyanotype?

This was my opening line when people came to my table at the Yuletide Fair at Bilston Creek Farm in November. Here's the exciting news---- I get to go again! They accepted me for their Spring Market Series- there are 3 weekends and I will be at the last weekend March 31, April Fools Day,... Continue Reading →

an accomplishment you can wear

Last June in Aarhus, a wonderful city in Denmark, my daughter and I walked into an inspiring knitting store called Tondering Strik, while my sweetheart found parking and figured out downloading parking apps. It is this sweater...but mine looks like the sleeves shrank when they crossed the Atlantic.. I feel as though I never accomplish... Continue Reading →

Out of the Blue

I think we have all had the experience of something happening in our life that – in one moment- changes our life forever- and when you look back, if you look back, the road has been washed out and you can’t go back. Sometimes it’s a wonderful thing: you look across the room into someone’s eyes and... Continue Reading →

Memories for now

Lately, 'the public's' behaviour towards anyone in authority is especially poor. For example, employees directing ferry traffic or enforcing fair play- which in less stressful times means- you line up in the order in which you arrive at the ferry terminal and you accept that if others are there before you, that you might miss... Continue Reading →

When the small things are little

Recently I had an idea for one of my outdoor tiles that I wanted to try out. Working with different mediums is a great way to see the world with a new perspective- even the world of your garden, balcony or city block. I wanted to make a daisy chain. I haven't made one since... Continue Reading →

Growing, intentionally

Every year my greenhouse helps me to learn something. This year I am practicing being more intentional about the plants I grow for my business and for my family to enjoy. As I do every year, I always start plants I've never grown from seed before. With this year's new seed, I am excited to... Continue Reading →

Checking in on little wonders

I was recently staying at a place where the forest is integral to the whole experience. It's the kind of place that mostly goes under the radar. You use this computer to find the phone number to confirm the date, because you've lost the piece of paper they gave you last year for when you... Continue Reading →

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